Satisfied By Grace: An Introduction

Welcome to Satisfied By Grace. A brand new blog by a girl who’s never blogged before. One more little space in a remote corner of the cyber world, set aside as a sanctuary for quiet thoughts, whispers of dreams, words of hope. You might wonder as you open this page for the first time, “Why another blog?” I’ve certainly wondered that. There are plenty of spaces like this online – hundreds of millions, they tell me. Then why would I take the time to craft another one? Why would I add my voice to the clamor? I’m not a better Christian or a brilliant writer. I certainly don’t have it all together. What right have I, I ask myself, to make yet another blog and to publish words that are finite and flawed?

The purpose of this blog is not to put my words out there, but to make much of God. And that is something that can never be done too much. His beauty is so infinite that millions of voices extolling it is not enough. His glory cannot get old – the more it is praised, the more blindingly brilliant it shines. Our God is ultimately desirable, and I want to proclaim that again and again on these pages.

Limited to the stammering language of earth, I can express it only imperfectly. But someday I will leave everything finite behind me and my words will be transformed. Instead of these faltering paragraphs, I will finally be able to offer Him praise in an effortless outpouring of worship.

Until then, I want to use the words He has granted me to spread His fame. I have nothing new to say – but truth is older than time. The truth that God is enough and more than enough. That He fills all things and is the purpose of all of life. That living enthralled with and loved by God is the most blessed existence that could be conceived.

Why “Satisfied By Grace”?

Our human hearts are always thirsting to be satisfied. You might say that each life is a story of longing and the pursuit of fulfillment. Those of us who have tasted God’s grace know its power to save and transform, but how much do we know of its power to satisfy? We need to root ourselves deeply in the truth that God’s grace meets every need and is sufficient for every desire. When we let go of self-sufficiency and idolatry and allow ourselves to be filled up with grace, there are no empty places, nothing left wanting. God has provided for all our lack. Alone in our weakness and sin we have nothing and less than nothing; we are always grasping and never at rest. But in God’s grace we can be deeply, abundantly and eternally satisfied.

Looking forward

My prayer for the words posted here is that they would glorify God, show His truth and inspire His church. As I continue to post weekly, feel free to comment or to contact me. Above all, let these words remind you that all we have is given to us by grace. There is nothing in us, beloved. It is all of grace.

Written by Luci