Restored by Grace – final consummation

Someday all this striving will be over. The grieving, the wrestling, the raw pain of this world. The contradictions. The uncertainty.


Even our sin, with all it’s desires.


Do you believe that?





There will come a day when sin will be a thing of the past. The idols that allured us on earth won’t even be on our radar anymore. When we see our God face to face, we will fall fully in love, fall fully into grace. Dazzled, worshiping, we will behold Him and we will be changed. Perfected, without the least vestige of a desire to offend against this Love.


We don’t know what it will look like there, at the throne of the Almighty. The Bible gives descriptions of gold and pearl, of glowing rainbow colors, of an expanse of crystal, ocean-broad. But we can’t really wrap our minds around it, and surely our wildest imaginations fall short of how strange and beautiful it will be. In fact, we don’t know what we will look like either. We are told that our souls will be stripped of mortality and clothed with a new body, a body of eternity. But we don’t know much more about it than that.


There are so many unknowns. But there’s one thing, the apostle John says, that we can know for sure. Right now. We know that when we reach heaven, we will be like God. We will see Him as He is and we will be changed – purged and perfected by stunning, searing, ravishing glory.


Like Him in purity. Like Him in joy. Like Him, fulfilled and at rest forever.


Isn’t it ironic that when Eve reached for the fruit, she was reaching for a God-like status? But she was reaching in rebellion, high-handed treason. She was reaching as a usurper. Her action echoed Lucifer’s refrain, “I will be like God.” This is the heart of evil. This is what sin is all about.


And yet, through grace, God bends to us and promises, “You will be like me – not in essence, but in resemblance. You a child of earth, will be a picture of the Holy One.”


As sinners, we are always clamoring to take control, trying to play God. But God always had a plan for us to become like Him. Not gods – worshipers, like always. But restored worshipers, with restored desires and hearts. We will look upon God, with eyes made able and hearts made worthy to take in such glory. And we will breath in eternity and deity, and somehow take part in His nature .


What grace! What mind-blowing, inconceivable grace.


Amid the press of battle and the dogged pain of this world, we have that hope – a hope that takes our breath away. The hope of finding rest and restoration. The hope of shedding our close-clinging sin and tangled desires. The hope of being at last a pure and beautiful bride.


It makes everything worth it, doesn’t it?


Friends, it is all of grace. We couldn’t attain any of this on our own. We have been covered head to toe with favor and love that we don’t deserve. Life looks different through the glasses of grace. Beauty shines brighter and sin looks more ugly. And, most of all, grace helps us see that our Savior is desirable above all things.


O come, let us adore Him.


This is the end of the series I’ve been running – Satisfied By Grace. I hope it’s been an encouragement to you all. I’d love to hear your comments below! 🙂

Written by Luci