Why Does God Allow Suffering?


“Lazarus is dead.”

Do you think that the news came like a slap in the face to the disciples?

Just two days ago, Jesus had comforted them about Lazarus. He had spoken words of assurance: “This illness does not lead to death.”

But then they found themselves face to face with raw reality – their friend was dead and buried. I can only imagine how betrayed they felt, how confused.

They followed their Master to the grieving sisters and the sealed grave. It certainly didn’t look like it was going to be the site of a miracle. It was a place of darkness – of endings, not beginnings. A place of hopelessness and hurt.

But it was there that Christ looked death in the face and spoke the resounding words of life that called Lazarus out of the grave. And as the disciples stood stunned and welling with joy, I wonder if it all became clear to them in that one moment.

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Written by Luci