Sin promises a low-key flirtation. Easy, uncommitted, no strings attached. It draws us into the “just this once” and the “one more time”, keeping us focused on the moment, not the consequences.

As Christians, we are fully capable of recognizing the false advertising. We know that sin is a deadly parasite, sucking out our spiritual life. Its whole purpose is to draw us away from the Source of goodness and to glut our soul with vanity.

Sin is out to kill us, and we know it. Then we do we keep holding on?



Maybe we’re like Samson, who loved pleasure so much that he couldn’t tear himself away from the woman who was determined to bring him down. She practically told him so, openly probing for his weaknesses. But he closed his eyes and ears to every warning sign. Even when he woke up bound in her lap, woke up to her words of betrayal, he didn’t pull out.

I wonder if he tried to struggle free. At some point he must have said to himself, “This time I’m not going back.” But he never had the backbone to walk away. Instead, he deceived himself into thinking that he could beat Delilah at her own game. He tried dodging her questions, satisfying her with lies. But in the end, he broke down. It ended up being his death sentence.

We do the same thing, don’t we? We tell ourselves that we can outsmart the sin that we coddle. We try to keep it in a box, well-contained, and one life-saving step away from the important things in our life. We promise ourselves that it won’t affect our family, our work, or our walk with God. We can handle this, can’t we? We’ve got everything under control.

No. It’s not true. Deep down, we know it.

Unaddressed sin will rot the foundations of our life. Every time we return to it, it will poison us more, spreading darkness in our soul. Subtly or not so subtly, it will embitter every one of our relationships, especially our relationship with God. If we hang onto our sin, one day we will wake up to realize that our hair has been cut, our strength taken, and our lives laid in ruins.

Friends, it’s time that we woke up.

With God’s Word at our fingertips, we can’t pretend to be ignorant of how dangerous sin is. It’s time to put excuses aside and cry to God for grace to rip and root sin out of our hearts. Yes, it will hurt. We will bleed and sweat and suffer. But we’re struggling for life. As John Owen said, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.”

Sin is our Delilah.

Let’s not be easy prey.

Written by Luci