Anxiety in the Christian Life

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 Anxiety in the Christian Life

 Guest post by Daniel Pentimone

Are you facing difficulties and troubles? Do you have anxieties, concerns? “In the world,” Jesus told His followers, “you will have tribulation.” Thankfully, though Christians have difficulties in the world, they also know the only route to true peace. The Bible explains that we are to cast all our anxieties on God, because he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).



 Everything About You Matters to Him

He cares for you! Yes, the apostle Peter says, God Himself cares for even the most miserable of His people. But what exactly does this phrase mean? How much does God care for us?

The literal translation of the phrase would be, “to Him it is a concern about you.” Of course, this doesn’t help us much to understand God’s care. Maybe an example would help more.

Draw a theoretical circle all around yourself. Make sure that it includes every aspect of you. Now, Peter indicates, everything in that circle matters to God. God is concerned about every little detail in that circle – all your hopes and fears, your joys and sorrows, your interests and concerns, your dreams and disappointments – all of it matters to God. We could paraphrase Peter’s words as “everything about you matters to Him.”

This is a powerful comfort for God’s people. It portrays God in his true character, as a merciful, compassionate, and intensely personal Deity. However, we are not told about God’s care simply to comfort us. This truth is given as a reason for obedience.

Casting Anxiety on God

Rather than dealing with anxiety on our own, Christians can cast their anxiety on God. The picture that comes to my mind when I think of this is the idea of a baggage train in an army.

For thousands of years, generals have employed a common strategy during battles. A small segment of the army is kept out of the battle line so that it can defend the supplies and baggage. This frees up the rest of the army to fight whole-heartedly. Now you can swing your sword without also carrying a week’s worth of smoked jerky in your backpack!

The Christian is called to do the same thing. Leave your concerns with God, just as the foot-soldier leaves his baggage with the rear-guard. God can take care of your anxiety. You need to be free of these worries so that you can obey him whole-heartedly.

Interestingly, in the original text, the word for ‘anxieties’ is singular. It is not that we are to cast each one of our anxieties on God separately, as we recognize them. We are told to cast the whole bundle on God, all of them at once, trusting Him with the entire package of concerns that we have!
So what are you anxious about? In Matthew 6, Jesus spoke of anxiety about food, drink, and shelter. Maybe you are worried about these basic provisions. Maybe your concerns are more distant, such as the possible events of tomorrow. Perhaps you are fearful of what could happen, or you worry about something that you feel inadequate for.

You may not know the future, but you can cast this anxiety on God, knowing that everything about you matters to Him.

Daniel Pentimone is a homeschooled writer and ER nurse. He loves to study the Scripture and see how its teaching applies to modern life in light of history and the Biblical worldview. Visit his blog at, and while you’re there, don’t forget to check out this month’s free drawing!

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