About me

img_5121This little nook of online space isn’t about me, anyway. It’s about the Divine Lover of my soul, the Source, the Sustainer, the Savior. It’s about His grace which has made me what I am. It’s about truth, beauty and eternity.

But, to introduce myself…

I’m Luci – passionate about language, music and making art with words. I’m a reader, a dreamer, an introvert and a violinist. And, oh yes – I write. I’m a lover of rainy days, of steam curling out of hot coffee, of kittens, waves slapping sand, laughter with loved ones. Of all these beautiful things that make us ache for heaven where beauty will be perfected and ugliness forgotten.

Welcome to Satisfied By Grace. I pray that the words written here will bring you to your knees in wonder, worship and love.